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For the Half-Life 2 weapon entity, see weapon_crowbar.
A screenshot of Crowbar

Crowbar is a tool written by ZeqMacaw.
Its original intended was to be a replacement for Mdldecompiler, made by Cannonfodder. MDLDecompiler has not been updated for many years and can't fully decompile the latest model versions used in Source engine games. Crowbar is being developed to handle these later versions.

The download page for this tool and its source code can be accessed on its Steam Group.


  • Viewing, packing and unpacking vpk, gma and fpx files. Either separately or an entire folder worth of files at once.
  • Compiling and decompiling an entire folder of files in a batch process.
  • Viewing the content of a MDL model file. Useful for learning which MDL file version is used, which ANI and PHY files are used, what textures are used and in which folders they are found in.
  • Setting up games to easily switch compiling from a source engine game to another. Useful for making sure you use the correct compiler for each game
  • Downloading workshop addons outside of the game
  • Publishing addons to the workshop as an alternative to the original uploader

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