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MDLDecompiler MDLDecompiler is a tool written by Cannonfodder for decompiling Source models back into their component parts; namely SMD, VTA and QC files.

You don't have to change anything in Hooch's fixed version, link at the bottom of page

Animations: Certain mdl's only have animations in them, but come with a .ani file. Same procedure: Change the .mdl's header to clear and the .ani's header to clear NOTE THE COMMAS

Some issues with the original Cannonfodder decompiler were fixed by Erix920 but some bugs still remain.

Note.pngNote:MDLDecompiler is not 100% reliable and has some issues with certain MDL files. It also doesn't produce a "perfect" decompile and you may need to rework the QC file to be able to recompile a model properly.
Note.pngNote:When browsing for the .mdl file you wish to decompile it might give an error and shut down the program. When it does this try deselecting the "Use Steam File Access" inside the mdldecompiler program at the bottom. Once deselected then you should be able to browse for the .mdl files.
Note.pngNote:When using Orange Box, don't place the mdldecompiler in "sourcesdk/bin/orangebox/bin/", this does not work. You need to place the mdldecompiler.exe in "sourcesdk/bin/ep1/bin/" at all times.

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