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Strubium's QtPyHammer
Development.png In Alpha development
TypeOpen source Third Party Tool
Developersstrubium, QtPyHammer Devs
EngineSource Source
PlatformsWindows Windows
QtPyHammer QtPyHammer

Strubium's QtPyHammer is a modified fork of QtPyHammer QtPyHammer, an alternative open-source Hammer Hammer for the Source Source Engine written in Python Python. This fork adds features that make it a full-fledged editor.


This fork has all the features of QtPyHammer.

New Features

  • Map View and Map Operations toolbar (Unfinished)
  • New popup system, replacing Python's command line.
  • Texture Browser (Unfinished)
  • "Normal" Compile Menu
    • Currently, you can only compile with Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2's compile tools, as there is no way to change it
  • Multi-language system
    • Support for languages other than English is spotty, but users can submit language translations on the GitHub
    • Supports English (Default and the fallback), Spanish, French, German, and Russian.
    • More languages can be added if there is demand

Planned Features

  • 2D View
  • Textured View Mode
  • Brush creation and editing
  • Hammer Object Properties dialog properly saving data
  • Properties menu
  • "Advanced" Compile Menu
  • Edit timeline (Undo, Redo, etc)


Blank image.pngTodo: It is important to include instruction about configure a myenv there?

There are no downloads released yet, but you run the program by:

  1. Downloading the source code from GitHub
  2. Install all dependencies for environment by using pip install -r Requirements.txt
  3. Running 🖿hammer.py with Python installed.


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