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MBSPC is outdated. Consider using a newer alternative.

MBSPC MBSPC which is a cmd map decompiler for Goldsource games, written in C++. It converts BSP files into sources AAS and MAP ones that can be loaded in Hammer.

Icon-Important.pngImportant:New versions of this program do not decompile the bsp of older versions.
PlacementTip.pngExample:They Hunger They Hunger, Mistake Mistake maps can be decompiled empty.


  • Supported and updated.
  • Few bugs to fix in decompiled maps. (Invalid solid structure)
  • Proper textures places
  • Load huge BSPs
  • Customizable decompile options


  • Complex shapes aren't decompiled perfectly, still need a lot of manual fixing, or redo from scratch.
  • On windows 10 it works fine, on windows 7 some of you can get missing .dll errors, like "ucrtbased.dll".
  • No GUI, command line only
  • Only Tree-Based decompiles
  • Does not automatically extract embedded textures
  • Does not decompile overly complex maps (such as dust2_2020) or decompiles them with missing brushes.
  • Does not apply a "null" texture to brushes, instead applies nearby textures => poorly optimized.


Icon-Important.pngImportant:Any commercial use of MBSPC without prior written consent by the original map author is illegal and prohibited.


bsp2map <[pakfilter/]filter.bsp> = convert BSP to MAP
bsp2map220 <[pakfilter/]filter.bsp> = convert BSP to Valve 220 MAP
bsp2aas <[pakfilter/]filter.bsp> = convert BSP to AAS
reach <filter.bsp> = compute reachability & clusters
cluster <filter.aas> = compute clusters
aasopt <filter.aas> = optimize aas file
aasinfo <filter.aas> = show aas file info
entlist <[pakfilter/]filter.bsp> = extract entity list
texinfo <[pakfilter/]filter.bsp> = extract texture list
output <output path> = set output path
threads <X> = set number of threads to X
cfg <filename> = use this cfg file
optimize = enable optimization
noverbose = disable verbose output
breadthfirst = breadth first bsp building
capsule = use spherical collision model
nobrushmerge = don't merge brushes
noliquids = don't write liquids to map
freetree = free the bsp tree 
nocsg = disables brush chopping 
forcesidesvisible = force all sides to be visible
grapplereach = calculate grapple reachabilities


  • mbspc.exe -bsp2map %filename% - converts BSP to MAP file
  • Drag and drop a .bsp on bspc.bat


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