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TexMex viewing 🖿ricochet.wad


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TexMex is a WAD management tool for Quake Quake-based games and GoldSrc GoldSrc. With it, you can open up WADs and BSPs, see their textures, and export them out to other formats. It supports a variety of texture formats, including Quake Quake lightmaps and miptex, Wikipedia icon Heretic II M8 and M32[confirm], Quake II Quake II WAL, SiN SiN SWL, PCX, TGA, BMP, and JPG.

TexMex also allows you to create new WADs and delete textures from existing ones, meaning only the textures you need are loaded into your level editor or shipped with your map.

Confirm.pngConfirm: It seems like TexMex only supports saving WADs as WAD2; WAD3s and whatnot get converted to the vanilla Quake1-16px.png Quake palette upon import.

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