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A Team Fortress 2 model being edited
Scene configuration

The Blender Source Tools allow Blender to import and export Studiomdl Data and DMX model files.


  • One-click export and import
  • SMD and DMX
  • FBX enjoys limited support in studiomdl shipped with CS:GO update
  • Support for most Blender features
  • Export multiple objects to one file
  • Compile QCs automatically
  • Import complicated models by QC


  1. Install Blender 2.80 or later. Or Install from Steam (AppID: 365670)
  2. Download the Source Tools. Don’t unzip.
  3. In Blender:
    1. Select File > User Preferences
    2. Move to the Addons tab
    3. Click Install From File... in the bottom of the window
    4. Find the downloaded zip file and select it (Double click)
    5. Under 'Categories' on the left, click 'Import-Export'
    6. Find 'Blender Source Tools' in the list and check the box to the right. Wait a moment for activation to complete.
    7. Click Save User Settings and close the window.