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Initial release
Dec 17, 2019
Operating system
Particle Tool
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Non-Commercial software
A successful conversion

Sparc Sparc is a particle converter for the Source Source engine created by NandRand

With it, it is possible to easily convert particle (.pcf) files used in Source Source games from one version to another. That means that one could for example convert Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CS:GO particles for usage in Garry's Mod Garry's Mod maps.


Files can be added either by pressing the buttons on the left side of the window or by "drag and dropping" them into the white box.
Selecting a game in box at the top center of the window chooses which game to convert the particles to.

Sparc version selection.png

Clicking on the slider icon enables format-selection instead of game-selection which allows for more detailed version control.

Sparc manual selection.png

Pressing on the button on the right of the window starts the conversion process.

The converted particles will be saved to a subfolder in the same folder the converter is in.

The subfolder is usually named πŸ–ΏConverted particles ((version number), (format) (format version))


Microsoft .NET 3.5 or higher

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