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<Left 4 Dead> Left 4 Dead (2008) is co-operative multiplayer survival horror that pits four playable or AI-controlled survivors against hordes of aggressive "infected" - the victims of an apocalyptic plague.

The Survivors' goal is to help each other make it through various scenarios to safety. The Infected are controlled by an AI that dynamically balances difficulty and mood depending on the players' progress and situation. In an alternate game mode, human players can control up to four mutated Special Infected with special abilities and cooperate to stop the Survivor players.

Official maps/campaigns

Left 4 Dead has the following official campaigns and maps included:

No Mercy


  • The apartments
  • The subway
  • The sewer
  • The hospital
  • Rooftop finale

Crash course


  • The alleys
  • The truck depot finale

Death toll


  • The turnpike
  • The drains
  • The church
  • The town
  • Boathouse finale

Dead Air


  • The greenhouse
  • The crane
  • The construction site
  • The terminal
  • Runway finale

Blood harvest


  • The woods
  • The tunnels
  • The bridge
  • The trainstation
  • Farmhouse finale

The Sacrifice


  • The docks
  • The barge
  • Port finale


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