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Not to be confused with Black Mesa (Third-party remake of Half-Life).


MESA MESA 2.0 is a suite of MEL Scripts to export and import 3d models for the Valve Source Engine with Autodesk Maya. This is the short name for Maya Exporter for Source Absolute.

The objective of MESA, is about to make the full asset creation process within Maya interface. It includes static, physics, breakable, dynamic and ragdoll models, and supported bodygroups , It become easy to use maya to export to the source engine the NPCs (Monsters and Humanoid), Vehicles, Weapons and Items for your game.

MESA is Mel scripts bases exporter and importer Tools. This scripts are the rewritten / edited Scripts from Valve, and originally designed for maya 4.5, that was also deeply rewritten by Prall .

MESA is compatible with all recent version of Maya ( 2011/2012/2013/2014 with x86 and x64 bits )

Download MESA

MESA - Maya Exporter for Source Absolute
Release Date MESA Version Download Link Compatibility
04 Nov 2015 MESA v2.1 MESA v 2.1 Tested on x86 and x64 version of :
  • Maya 2016
  • Maya 2015
  • Maya 2014
  • Maya 2013
  • Maya 2012
  • Maya 2011
06 Oct 2013 MESA v2.0 MESA v 2.0 (396ko)
23 Apr 2013 MESA v1.1 MESA v 1.1 (127ko)


Features list

The main interest of MESA exporter, is the easy way to compile and convert the assets in few clicks within Maya Interface.

Support / Usage Documentation
  • Maya Workspace
  • SMD Import
  • SMD Export
  • SMD Animations
  • LODS ( level of detail )
  • Physic / Ragdoll Model
  • VTA export
  • Ref break
  • Phys_break
  • BodyGroups
  • QC export
  • VMT export
  • VTF Export
  • MDL Compile

Install Guide :

Export Guide :