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Slammin' Source Map Tools

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Slammin bg.png
Slammin' Source Map Tools
Released-64px.png Released!
TypeThird Party Tool
EngineSource Source
PlatformsWindows Windows
English (en)

Slammin' Source Map Tools Slammin' Source Map Tools are updated and more feature-rich mapping/compile tools for Source Source Slammin' Source comes with an upgraded Hammer Hammer editor named Slammin' Hammer 5.2 (not to be confused with Source 2 Source 2's Hammer 5.x Hammer 5.x), and improved VVIS VVIS, VRAD VRAD and VBSP VBSP. Slammin' Source Map Tools are created by Slartibarty

Tip.pngTip:You don't have to use Slammin' Source Map Tools Slammin' Source Map Tools's Hammer Hammer to use its compile tools. (AKA, you can use Hammer++ Hammer++ with Slammin' Source Map Tools Slammin' Compile Tools).


  • Wikipedia icon SSE2 support
  • Max CPU Threads bumped to 32
  • Cleaned up common code
  • Large Address Awareness (Can handle addresses larger than 2 gigabytes)

Slammin' Hammer 5.2

  • Enabled Visual Styles 6.0
  • Performance upgrades
  • The entire program now uses the default system font, instead of the dated win9x standard font
  • Revamped the entire user interface, made the options menu cleaner, and removed obsolete options
  • Added new graphical options to the 3D View tab, including picmip, MSAA level, etc
  • Added an option to change the 3D viewport background colour: default is 128,128,128
  • Removed huge amounts of deprecated icons, cursors and bitmaps
  • Increased the distance that vertex positions are rounded to integers to 0.01 from 0.05, this fixes some gross vertex rounding issues (or lack thereof)
  • Say goodbye to the process window, Hammer's built in compiler now feeds compile information to a new exe, meaning no more freezes, and instant compile information on the fly. Hammer cam still be used while a map is compiling
  • New toolbar, transform tools. Same as the options available in the "tools" menu option, just brought out for ease of access
  • Texture application window is now more concise, added X and Y buttons that randomise texture coordinates for their appropriate boxes
  • Texture application window is now host to an experimental "reset" texture button, which resets the texture's scale, shift coordinates, lightmap scale and rotation
  • Reworked the entire right-hand UI bar to be easier to use
  • Removed Radial Culling, it crossed me for the last time
  • Removed Quake Quake, Hexen II Hexen II, Quake II Quake II and Half-Life Half-Life (GoldSrc GoldSrc) support
  • Added support for func_instance_origin, set the in-editor origin point for instances (no keyvalues needed)
  • Removed support for WAD files
  • Clamped framerate to 60hz from 100hz (will make this an option)
  • Extended available automatic visgroup types
  • The "default animation" keyvalue for dynamic props is now registered and will now automatically play in the viewport
  • func_detail_blocker entities are displayed accurately in Hammer, with detail objects inside the entities' volume not being drawn
  • Added "open source" and "explore to source" buttons in the texture browser, selecting a material and using either of these buttons will bring open the material's folder
  • Certain UI elements such as the entity report dialogue now support resizing
  • Models no longer share animations with all other model instances present
  • Multiple precision and accuracy fixes in general, brushes are less likely to crap up, texture coordinates are displayed correctly, etc
  • Paste & Paste Special shortcuts now properly displayed in the edit menu
  • Added support for the "boolean" FGD data type

Slammin' Compile Tools

Slammin' VBSP

Note.pngNote:Mapbase Mapbase's VBSP VBSP has most of Slammin' Source Map Tools Slammin' VBSP's improvements, but is needed when using Parallax Corrected Cubemaps[1]
  • Proper support for power of 4 displacements
  • Detail brushes now preserve their smoothing group
  • Improved brush precision
  • Added missing content types to csg.cpp
  • New %compile command for VMTs, "%compileNoShadows", makes a material not receive shadows, only direct light. This is used on water usually
  • Translucent brushes should no longer cut visleaves if they are world brushes
  • Any prop with $staticprop can now be a static prop (Ex: physics props)
  • Increased detail sprites limit
  • Support for custom lightmappedgeneric shaders
  • Implemented support for func_detail_blocker
  • Leaktest is now enabled by default


  • Note.pngNote:This only lists new commands or ones that have been changed.
Disables leaktest.
-maxluxelscale <integer>
Limits the maximum luxel scale in a map.
Disables automatic skybox cubemap generation.
-blocksize <integer>
Allows changing of the size of visleaf splitting "blocks", default is every 1024 units.
-visgranularity <vector>
Allows automatic placement of hint brushes in a map, syntax is "-visgranularity X Y Z".

Slammin' VRAD

enabling -worldtextureshadows and -translucentshadows
-ambientocclusion enabled vs disabled
  • HDR is enabled by default
  • Improved displacement lightmap quality
  • -staticproplighting, -staticproppolys and -textureshadows enabled by default
  • Transparent textures loaded by VRAD are now bilinear filtered, for more accurate shadows


Note.pngNote:This only lists new commands or ones that have been changed.
Enables lightmapped ambient occlusion.
-aosamples <integer>
Sets how many samples should vrad use for its lightmapped ambient occlusion.
-aoscale <float>
Scales lightmapped ambient occlusions strenght.
Blends coloured lighting more so it blends more accurately.
-coring <float>
Scales the light threshold before a luxel is completely unlit, used to save lightmap data, default is [0.5].
-dispchop <integer>
Adjusts the amount of patches generated for displacement faces, default is [8].
-ambient <vector>
When supplied with three RGB values, it will apply a constant light value to every luxel in a map.
-reflectivityscale <float>
Multiplies the reflectivity of textures in a map.
-extrapasses <integer>
Allows changing how many extra passes the map to goes through, default is 4, differences above this value are extremely minimal.
Allows brushes with an alpha channel to cast texture shadows, much like models can.
Enables -worldtextureshadows on $translucent surfaces. As by default only $alphatest surfaces cast baked shadows.
Has been completely reworked, -aosamples is set to 32, -extrasky is set to 16, extrapasses is set to 8 and large disp sample radius is enabled.

Slammin' VVIS

Note.pngNote:The commands have not been changed.
  • Minor code cleanup


Note.pngNote:Slammin' Source Map Tools Slammin' Source Map Tools should work fine with all Source 2013 Source 2013 games
Branch Compatible Note
Mapbase Mapbase YES Devs recommend Mapbase's VBSP[1]
Source 2013 Singleplayer Source 2013 Singleplayer YES
Source 2013 Multiplayer Source 2013 Multiplayer YES
Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source
Day of Defeat: Source Day of Defeat: Source
Portal Portal
YES Source 2013 Multiplayer required
Source Filmmaker Source Filmmaker YES[confirm] Source 2013 Multiplayer required
Black Mesa Black Mesa 2012 YES Source 2013 Singleplayer required
Garry's Mod Garry's Mod NO
Postal III Postal III NO
Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead 2 Left 4 Dead 2
Alien Swarm Alien Swarm NO
Portal 2 Portal 2 NO
Dino D-Day Dino D-Day NO
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive NO
Black Mesa Black Mesa: Definitive Edition NO
Insurgency Insurgency
Day of Infamy Day of Infamy
Strata Source Strata Source
Portal 2: Community Edition Portal 2: Community Edition
Portal: Revolution Portal: Revolution


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  1. Mapbase Map Compilers