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MapFool is a nifty program that will help you with porting HL1 maps to Source; it lets you open the wads and even save them as new materials and textures for use in your new Source map.

Note.png Note: MapFool requires Microsoft .NET Framework v1.1 or later to run.

There is currently a bug with the installer provided on the MapFool homepage that will prevent MapFool from installing if you have a newer version of the .net framework then 1.1. An updated version of the installer that will work with newer versions of .net is available here:

Bug.png Bug: On Windows Vista, users may get an error during installation about "Could not open key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Wordpad.Document.8"

To fix this, follow these steps;

Warning.png Warning: This method requires editing the Windows registry. Use with caution.
  • Go to Start Menu --> Run (Alternatively use the Search bar)
  • type regedit, press enter
  • Go to desired restricted key (In this case HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Wordpad.Document.8)
  • Right click the folder its in (Wordpad.Document.8)
  • click Permissions
Note.png Note: During the course of this you may get a message saying you cant change anything, but you can change who can change things. Click OK on it.
  • Click Advanced, then Owner tab
  • Change the owner from administrator to whatever name you are using
  • Click OK twice to get out of the pop-ups completely
  • Right click folder again
  • Click Permissions
  • click OWNER RIGHTS
  • Next to full control and read, click the allow boxes.
  • Click OK
  • Done!
  • MapFool will now successfully install. (Tested on Windows Vista Ultimate x64)

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