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January 2024
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TypeOpen source Third Party Tool
EngineGoldSrc GoldSrc
PlatformsWindows Windows,Linux Linux
newbspguy newbspguy

bspguy bspguy is map viewer and editor by wootguy that allows modifying and merging Sven Co-op Sven Co-op (Svengine Svengine) maps without decompiling.


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  • Keyvalue editor with FGD support
  • Entity + BSP model creation and duplication
  • Easy object movement and scaling
  • Vertex manipulation + face splitting (Used to make perfectly shaped triggers)
  • BSP model origin movement/alignment
  • Optimize + clean commands to prevent overflows
  • Hull deletion + redirection + creation
Icon-Bug.pngBug:clipnode generation is similar to -cliptype legacy in the CSG compiler (the worst method)
  • Basic face editing


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