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A Sample of a DUDV Map in materials/models/shadertest/shaderslab5_dudv.vtf

More Info on DUDV Materials



A Third party program designed to move TGA's into a DuDv format, without the need of having Steam to be running.


  • Place the Application in the same folder as your materials. (Optional)
  • Open the TGAtoDUDV.exe and it will ask you to choose a TGA file to convert.
  • Double click the file you want to convert (Sorry no batch support as of yet)
  • A message should appear saying "Sucess! Your new DUDV map was saved to ..."
  • The new DUDV texture will have the appended _dudv to the end of the filename.

For best results, Convert a pre-ready Normal Map with this program

See also

  • Normal2dudv - utility to convert normal maps to dudv maps (Requires steam running)
  • Height2Normal - utility to convert height maps to normal maps