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PakScape PakScape is a multi-purpose software GUI tool utilized for viewing, editing, and creating archives pertinent to the Quake series of games, including all GoldSrc GoldSrc games, which it's engine were originally based off the id Tech 2 id Tech 2 engine (also known as Quake/Quake II engine). PakScape can create and edit both PAK and PK3 archive. Additionally, PakScape comes equipped with an in-built sound player that enables users to listen to WAV files typically found in-game archives.

Icon-Bug.pngBug:PakScape cannot open PAK files containing more than 5000 files, such as the PAK used by the 2023 Kex Engine remaster of Quake II Quake II. Consider using PakExplorer instead.


  • PakScape is its in-built sound player, which can be used to listen to WAV files that are commonly found in-game archives. With PakScape, users can explore and create both PAK and PK3 files, thus doubling as an explorer/creator for ZIP files as well since PK3 files are just ZIP files in disguise.
  • With PakScape, users can perform a range of tasks such as creating, editing, opening, and saving PK3/PAK files, thus enabling a seamless experience when dealing with game archives.



Peter ‘Riv’ Engström.

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