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SPRView SPRView is a software application created by David Flor a.k.a. Nighthawk, released in 1999. This program is used to view and manipulate sprites in Valve Valve's PAK file for Half-Life Half-Life. The program requires DirectX 3.0 to run and can be used on any directory.


SPRView has several features that allow users to view and manipulate sprites according to their preferences. It includes an Open, Save BMP, Save Sequence, Sprite Information options. The program uses frames per second for animation speed, and users can zoom in/out with the + and -. Users can set the delay (in milliseconds) between each frame using the shortcut Ctrl + P. Additionally, users can stop playback and cycle through the animation frame by frame with the Space or play the sprite once and stop with Ctrl + Space.


  • Users cannot open files from within the program, and the program does not support SPR_GROUP frame types. Additionally, the program only works in 8-bit and 16-bit color space, which might not be suitable for some users needs.
  • The Save Sequence option creates files that may not match the original, making the result not always compatible with certain sprites.
  • The program is no longer supported.
Icon-Bug.pngBug:If you open the sprite through the program, the OS theme will be changed to a simplified style.

Release Information

  • v1.05 Beta
  • v1.04
  • v1.03
  • v1.02
  • v1.01
  • v1.0 Early Beta

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