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LumpStich LumpStich
Released-64px.png Released!
TypeOpen source Third Party Tool
EngineSource Source
Release Date Jan, 2023
The main GUI of LumpStich. It's currently stiching an obfuscated gm_flatgrass.
A new unobfuscated gm_flatgrass has been created.

LumpStich LumpStich is a deobfuscation tool made by Rim032.


Maps are often given anti-decompile protection to prevent players from decompiling, studying and sometimes even playing those maps. This program removes such lump protection and restores a map to its original state. This tool is intended to work with Garry's Mod Garry's Mod and Half-Life 2 Half-Life 2 maps.

Note.pngNote:LumpStich has only been tested with version 19 and 20 maps.
Icon-Important.pngImportant:LumpStich requires .NET Framework .NET Framework

How it works

A protected BSP file and it's acompanying LMP file are carefully stiched together at a specific binary offset to reform an unobstructed BSP. This ubobstrcuted BSP can then easily be decompiled and played while the protected BSP cannot be decompiled, lacks entities and may even crash the game.

Release information

  • v1.00 - January 11th 2023 - Initial Release
  • v1.01 - January 17th 2023 - Small Bug Fixes
  • v1.05 - January 19th 2023 - Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • v2.00 - October 6th 2023 - Major Improvements & GUI Release
  • v2.01 - October 25th 2023 - Small Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • v2.02 - January 6th 2024 - Small Visual Changes

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