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Wally Wally is a texture and WAD manager that allows users to add, edit, and delete textures from existing WADs. This program is also capable of merging textures with equivalent formats and supports various texture formats for distribution with maps and importing into level editors.


  • Texture Format Support: Wally supports many different texture formats, including Quake Quake and Half-Life Half-Life WADs, Quake II Quake II WALs, SiN SiN SWLs, JPGs, PNGs, TGAs, BMPs, and PCXs. Additionally, it can rip textures from PAK files and export them as loose files.
  • Image Editing: Wally functions as an image editor that enables users to adjust brightness, contrast, noise levels, blurring, and resizing. It also allows users to draw on textures using an airbrush.
Icon-Bug.pngBug:Wally may have trouble with 32-bit alpha channel TGAs and PNGs. The recommended solution is to use a tool like IrfanView to strip the files of their alpha channels.
Tip.pngTip:IrfanView is capable of much more accurate conversion to 8-bit than Wally (comparison)
Note.pngNote:Wally is limited to texture resolutions of up to 2048 pixels in both directions, regardless of whether the file formats being edited support higher. This limit is usually a non-issue, since many engines are limited to 512px or 1024px, but can be run into by users creating megatextures for FTE or Quake II.