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TrenchBroom TrenchBroom is a map editor for Quake Engine-based games. Originally designed for Quake Quake mapping, TrenchBroom has expanded to support the Quake II Quake 2 Engine, and also has partial support for GoldSrc GoldSrc and Quake III id Tech 3.


Warning.pngWarning:TrenchBroom only supports the MAP file format. Maps using RMF, JMF, or VMF should first be converted to MAP using J.A.C.K. J.A.C.K..
Visgroups will be lost!
Icon-Important.pngImportant:Trenchbroom uses extra KVs to handle features such as entity grouping, which can mess up entities such as multi_manager and multisource. This data is not stripped upon export; use goldutil's MAP file cleanup to strip this data.


  • TrenchBroom was used to make the deathmatch map Combine overwiki icon.png Disposal, added in Half-Life Half-Life's 25th Anniversary Update.

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