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HTCT performing a sequential compile on a group of maps.

Hazard Team Compile Tool (HTCT) is a Source map compile tool written by dky.tehkingd.u, as a solution for easily compiling large groups of levels from VMF to BSP in sequence (though it is just as useful for compiling single files as well).

HTCT was originally created as an internal tool for use by the Black Mesa Hazard Course development team (now known as PSR Digital). Rather than keeping it as in-house software, the team has decided to share it with the community and make it freely available.

Some notable features of HTCT are:

  • It was built to make sequential compiling fast, flexible, and extremely easy.
  • Changing between different compile settings is as easy as choosing a different preset from a drop-down menu. HTCT comes with many compile presets, but custom presets are also supported.
  • Support for use with Steam library folders other than the main Steam folder.
  • VMFII support.

SDK versions that are known to be supported include Source 2007, 2009, 2013 Multiplayer and Singleplayer, Half-Life 2, and Black Mesa.

Note.png Note: The Alien Swarm, CS:GO, L4D2 and Portal 2 branches are currently untested, although they are almost certainly compatible with the tool's programming. HTCT's configuration system is designed with forward-compatibility in mind, so it is possible to edit the config file to support other SDK versions as well.

The latest version of HTCT is v0.6.0 BETA.

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