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Strata Hammer Strata Hammer is a modified fork of Hammer Hammer 4.x for Strata Source Strata Source, with its user interface ported to Qt, as well as other quality of life changes and bug fixes. Strata Hammer Strata Hammer includes TeamSpen's Hammer Addons TeamSpen's Hammer Addons and some features from Hammer++ Hammer++.

Note.pngNote:This page only has limited information on Strata Hammer Strata Hammer, with most informaton coming from the Portal: Revolution Portal: Revolution Authoring Tools. If you have access to Strata Source Strata Source or Portal 2: Community Edition P2CE, please consider contributing to this page.


Model browser

  • When double cliking a animation, it sets it as default animation
  • The new Bones / Attachments section allows you to view a model's Bones and Attachment points, without needing to open HLMV HLMV

Texture Browser

  • Now You can easily select nodraw and add textures to favourite.[confirm]
  • Material search query is stored, letting you resume whenever you restart Hammer.

Discord Rich Presence

  • A toggleable setting for Discord users. Allows other discord users to view your activity in-editor, such as time and map name.

Menu bar


  • It has some bugs right now. When it comes out, the majority of them will be fixed.
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