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Viewing de_mirage from Counter-Strike 2 Counter-Strike 2

Source 2 Viewer Source 2 Viewer is a powerful tool that allows you to browse vpk archives, view, extract, and decompile Source 2 Source 2 assets, including maps, models, materials, textures, sounds, and more.

This application allows exporting maps and models to glTF format, decompile maps to vmap for use in Hammer Hammer, and models to ModelDoc Editor ModelDoc Editor format.

It also allows creating vpk archives from a folder on disk with a single click.

This open-source project is based entirely on a reverse engineered effort as there is no Source 2 SDK.

This project includes a ValveResourceFormat .NET library that powers Source 2 Viewer, also known as VRF. This library can be used to open and extract Source 2 resource files programmatically.


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