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<Half-Life> Sven Co-op is a cooperative game for Valve Software's Half-Life. In this mod, players must work together against computer controlled enemies and solve puzzles as a team. It is currently at version 4.5.

The mod was originally created and released by Sven Viking as a small "mod" with 2 normal single-player maps and the command "sv_allowmonsters" set to 1. Sven Co-op was released on January 19th 1999, before Valve's Team Fortress Classic, and is therefore seen by some as the oldest Half-Life mod in existence that is still in development. Sven Co-op has since grown to become a full blown mod, with a full team, formerly ranked as the 4th most played game on Steam, excluding the official games being sold by Valve.

Sven Co-op is still under development.

Development team

Daniel "Sven Viking" Fearon
Founder, Project Manager
David "Sniper" McDermott
Lead Programmer, Web Design, Mapping
David "Commando" Starr
Mapping, Project Coordination
Oscar "Nev" Björhn


In-Game screenshot

Since Sven Co-op is heavily based on the original Half-Life, it is essential that you are at least familiar with Half-Life and its controls, and it is recommended that you have completed Half-Life's Hazard Course. The single-player campaign of Half-Life 1 is supported by Sven Co-op, but in a slightly altered form to create more challenge for multiplayer games.

SC levels are set as missions and are generally separate from each other. Many missions span several maps, and some are collected together in a series. The aim of most levels is to reach the end or to achieve an objective -- obtaining a high score is not essential to beat a level, its just part of the fun. Map scenarios include settings set in Black Mesa, cartoony worlds, World War 2 in Africa, Fantasy-like maps and modern urban warfare set in the Middle East.

Some of the most major features of the mod include:

  • In-Game Monster/Player Info System, that displays info about the monster or player you are looking at.
  • The ability for mappers to create friendly monsters and let players issue orders to them.
  • The ability for mappers to change the models and sounds of each monster and weapon.
  • A medkit weapon that heals other players and allies.
  • Major Monster AI improvement

Monsters & Weapons

Sven Co-op includes several new monsters and weapons. Most of these come from the Half-Life Expansion Half-Life: Opposing Force, but have all been coded from scratch.

The new monsters included in the game are: The Pit Drone, Shock Trooper, Shockroach, Barney and Soldier Zombie, Baby and normal Voltigore, Gonome, Male Assassin including the Osprey, Otis, Cleansuit Scientist and the new Grunts, all from Half-Life: Opposing Force.

Sven Co-op also includes three other monsters, namely the Baby Gargantua, the Robo Grunt and the Heavy Weapons Grunt. The last two were originally supposed to be included in Half-Life, but were cut.

The new weapons included are the Barnacle, Pipewrench and M40a1 Sniper Rifle, from Half-Life: Opposing Force.

Sven Co-op also includes some original weapons, namely a Medkit, Single and Akimbo Uzis and a Minigun. There is also a small secret weapon included.

Mapping and Modeling Community

Sven Co-op has a very active Mapping and Modeling community, as evidenced by the recently released map pack, The Big One 490 map ppack. Sven Co-op also has a busy modeling and model conversion scene, and a group of these once went out to form the Half-Life Improvement Team, dedicated to improving models for all Half-Life games.

The Sven Co-op team has worked together with many HL1:SP mod developers to convert their maps to Sven Co-op. Most notable is the They Hunger Coop project, which will be released some time after Silver.

The community has slowly dwindled over the years, but Sven Co-op still remains one of the mods with most custom content. This success might be because of several reasons: Due to Sven Co-op's single-player nature, it is easier for mappers to create their own worlds and scenarios, and the ability for mappers to change models and sounds give them even more freedom. A backside of the "single-player" style, is that Sven Co-op maps generally take more time to create than maps for multiplayer games, but SC mapping has still managed to thrive.

A common criticism of single-player mapping for games, is that you never know how many people have played your map. When you are mapping for a coop game, you can create your own scenarios and tell a story to the players, and still be able to see how many are playing your game online.

Sven Co-op 4.0

In-game screenshot.

Version 4.0 is the version currently in development. It has been in development since the release of Sven Co-op 3.0 in December 2003. The SvenCo-op team has promised to release it in three segments, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

A changelog for 4.0 was released but many features have since been added to the mod. Here is a short list of some of the announced features for 4.0:

New gamemodes

  • VIP - Players must escort a fellow player or NPC to a defined point. Mappers have the option of setting up spawn points for guards to various routes along a path the VIP must take.
  • Assault - Players must run into an area guarded by NPCs and destroy specified objects. Can be an unlimited amount of objects, specified by mapper. Upon destruction, object triggers something. Can have time limit.
  • Invasion - Players must defend structures or NPCs within the given time period from invading monsters. Structures and NPCs can be repaired, and the mapper can define whether or not a given entity is allowed to be repaired by the players. Via the class system, players will have the ability to build things like sentry guns or other defensive structures.
  • Other: Using the Sven Co-op entities mappers can set up all sorts of combinations of these gamemodes.

Misc features

  • A new Player Class System. Through a simple text file, mappers can provide up to 10 player classes on their map. Options like choosing the player model, health, armor, specific abilities, weapon load out, etc. will be available.
  • New weapons.
  • New monsters.

Sven Co-op 2

In-game dramatic screenshot of the Combine Super Soldier.

Sven Co-op 2 is the Source engine version of Sven Co-op. It is currently on hold until Sven Co-op 4.0 is finished.



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