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TypeThird Party Tool
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PlatformsWindows Windows

TAR TAR(Terri Auto Radar) is a tool for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This tool can generate radars for maps using brushes and entities in the VMF that belong to specific visgroups.


  1. Download it from the download page below.
  2. Copy everything in /bin_content/ to your csgo installation's Counter-Strike Global Offensive/bin/ folder.
  3. Copy everything in /hammer_content/ to your csgo installation's Counter-Strike Global Offensive/csgo/ folder.
  4. Create a directory in your csgo installation's Counter-Strike Global Offensive/bin/ folder named tar.
  5. Copy everything in /AutoRadar2.0.4/ to your csgo installation's Counter-Strike Global Offensive/bin/tar/ folder
Command Sequences
  1. Add a new compile profile in the expert compile mode of Hammer
  2. Set its name to [TAR] Generate Radar
  3. Set the executable to: $exedir/bin/tar/AutoRadar.exe
  4. Set the args to: -g $gamedir $path/$file
  1. Go to Tools > Options in Hammer
  2. In the tab Game Configuration (that you are in by default), next to Game Data files click Add.
  3. Find tar_entities.fgd and select it.


To get a rudimentary radar image, it is sufficient to fly around the map in Hammer, to select every brush or displacement that should be considered "ground" and to assign the visgroup tar_layout to them. When the previously created [TAR] compile option is run, it will create the necessary radar files for the map at the right place, including the radar image which is saved to /csgo/resource/overviews/<mapname>_radar.dds.

Tip.pngTip:If you can't open a DDS file, adjust the Output Mode keyvalue of a tar_config entity to also get a PNG file.

All brushes and entities that are part of the following visgroups will appear (or hide) some colored area on the resulting radar image. The brush entities func_buyzone and func_bomb_target are also regarded, if existent.

For further customization, read through the effects of the other visgroups and the KeyValues of the tar_config entity.

Tip.pngTip:To avoid something being drawn, it is sufficient to QuickHide it.


Name Works with What to add Description
tar_layout Brushes, Displacements Walkable ground Everything in this group will generate a filled area on the radar with a color that depends on the z-height.
tar_overlap Brushes Walkable ground that has walkable ground underneath, for example on de_mirage, the wooden balcony on A site Like tar_layout but yielding striped areas. This is drawn on top of tar_layout.
tar_cover Props, brush entities, ... Everything that is "cover" such as crates and so forth Like tar_layout but using a different gray color gradient by default. This is drawn on top of tar_layout.
Icon-Bug.pngBug:tar_cover that is underneath tar_overlap is not drawn.
tar_mask Props, Brushes Everything that is not playable area inside one of the above visgroups such as columns or clip walls Everything in this group is "cropped" from the radar image yielding the radar background at the positions of these objects. For this purpose, skip brushes can be really useful.
Note.pngNote:func_instance is never drawn.
Note.pngNote:When a brush or entity is copied (e.g. by shift-dragging), it inherits the visgroup. Remember this in case you encounter weird changes to the radar image.
Tip.pngTip:If the existing brushes and entities are unfitting for these visgroups, there is always the workaround to create and use skip brushes instead. For example, this can be used to avoid having to split existing brushes only for the radar.


For further customization of the radar image, there are the following entities.

Icon Classname Description Keyvalues
Tar config.png tar_config Contains numerous keyvalues for the configuration of the radar image. There should be at most one.
Color Scheme (colorScheme) <choices>
  • 0: Dust 2
  • 1: Mirage
  • 2: Overpass
  • 3: Cache
  • 4: Inferno
  • 5: Train
  • 6: Nuke
  • 7: Vertigo
  • -1: Custom Scheme
  • -2: Use auto-gradient entities
Custom low level color (customCol0) <color255>
What the color of the radar should be at the lowest points of the map
Custom middle level color (customCol1) <color255>
What the color of the radar should be in the middle of the map
Custom high level color (customCol2) <color255>
What the color of the radar should be at the heighest points of the map
Background Image (background) <string>
/Counter-Strike Global Offensive/bin/tar/textures/<image.png>
Ambient Occlusion (enableAO) <choices>
  • 0: Disabled
  • 1: Enabled
Ambient Occlusion Size (aoSize) <float>
How far should ambient occlusion sample, in units.
Shadows (enableShadows) <choices>
  • 0: Disabled
  • 1: Enabled
Outline (enableOutline) <choices>
  • 0: Disabled
  • 1: Enabled
Outline width (outlineWidth) <float>
How big should the outline be
Cover Color (zColCover) <color255>
Color of the cover
Secondary Color Cover (zColCover2) <color255>
Secondary height-based cover color
Outline Color (zColOutline) <color255>
Color of the outline
AO Color (zColAO) <color255>
Color of the ambient occlusion
Buyzone Color (zColBuyzone) <color255>
Color of the buyzones
Objective Color (zColObjective) <color255>
What color should objectives be?
Objective outline (ObjectiveUseStripes) <choices>
  • 0: Normal
  • 1: Stripy
Visgroup: Layout (vgroup_layout) <string>
Name of the visgroup that specifies the layout of the map
Visgroup: Mask (vgroup_negative) <string>
Name of the visgroup that specifies subtractive brushes of the maps layout (use on walls)
Visgroup: Cover (vgroup_cover) <string>
Name of the visgroup that specifies the cover of the map. Chuck all yr crates in here
Visgroup: Overlap (vgroup_overlap) <string>
Name of this visgroup that specifies overlapping parts of the map
DDS Format (ddsMode) <choices>
  • 0: DXT1 (standard)
  • 1: [csgo unsupported] DXT5 (transparency)
  • 2: [csgo unsupported] BRG888 (uncompressed)
  • 3: [csgo unsupported] BRGA888 (uncompressed)
Output mode (outputMode) <choices>
  • 0: Radar .DDS⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ | .TXT
  • 1: Radar .DDS, .PNG | .TXT
  • 2: Radar .PNG⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ | .TXT
  • 3: Radar .DDS
  • 4: Radar .PNG
Sampling (ssaam) <choices>
  • 0: Off
  • 1: 4x SSAA
  • 2: 16x SSAA
  • 3: FXAA (recommended)
Tar color.png tar_color If the Use auto-gradient entities parameter in tar_config is set, then this entity's color parameter is used for tar_layout and tar_overlap at this entity's z-height.
Colo(u)r (_light) <color255>
Tar map divider.png tar_map_divider Makes multiple map levels. In-game, a player below this entity will see the lower radar image and a player above it will see the higher one. Useful if there is too much overlapping.
Mins (mins) <vector>
Maxs (maxs) <vector>
Tar max.png tar_max Overrides the maximum/minimum height of the map. There should be at most one of each. Everything that is above/below this entity will have the same color on the radar image, no matter the z-height.
Tar min.png tar_min

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