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The nodegroup in shader editor
The hl2 combine soldier using BlenderVertexLitGeneric

BlenderVertexLitGeneric allows creation of VMT-type materials within Blender. Specifically the VertexLitGeneric shader for models.

To do: Add Usage section, point out differences and make a guide for creating VMT out of BVLG


Most commons effects:

  • Basetexture
  • Bumpmap
  • Envmap
  • Phong (inlcuding phongexponenttexture)
  • Alphatest
  • Selfillum
  • rimlight
  • lightwarptexture


  1. Install Blender 2.80 or later. Or Install from Steam (AppID: 365670)
  2. Download the file on GitHub.
  3. open the .blend librairy file
  4. File->Defaults->Save Startup File

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