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JBMod JBMod is the earliest Source mod ever to be released. It was developed shortly after the release of Source SDK, between 1st and 9th of December 2004[1]. The mod is a predecessor to Garry's Mod and is very similar to it. Its main features include the return of the "Physics Manipulator" (otherwise known as the "Physgun") and the "Sticky Launcher" (or the "Sticky-Bomb Launcher"), which was removed from the final version of Half-Life 2, and more[2].

Brief History

JBMod was originally released by JB55 in December 2004, just a few months after the launch of Half-Life 2. JB55 and his team continued to update JBMod for some time. Later, JB55's friend Snakez took over the development of JBMod. In what was likely an attempt at trolling, Snakez claimed that a version 0.6 of JBMod would be released, with the intention of surpassing and "destroying" Garry's Mod. This claim caused concern for the creator of Garry's Mod, prompting them to update their game in anticipation of potential competition from JBmod. However, the promised version 0.6 of JBMod was never actually released. It wasn't until 2022, after the YouTube creator Ratlobber made a video discussing Snakez's trolling, that Snakez finally released JBMod on Steam.


JBMod is free but it requires Half-Life 2 purchased to install, JBMod is approximately 3 gigabytes in size. It has a growing workshop for maps and other modifications. Currently it is at version 0.5.4, but 0.6 is always "coming soon".

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