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VSIF2VCD is a command line scenes.image extractor/decompiler.


In the command line, type VSIF2VCD "game directory".

Game directory is where gameinfo.txt is located.

The game directory must include the following files:

  • scenes/scenes.image
  • maplist.txt - a text file listing all maps in the game, with Windows line separator.
  • maps/<map name>.bsp or maps/<map name>_l_0.lmp - for each map in maplist.txt.

Because scenes.image stores scene names as CRC hashes, map files are needed for the decompiler to name extracted scene files correctly. Otherwise, scenes will be extracted with unreadable names like a00dba79.vcd.

If all maps were parsed correctly, you should see correctly-named scenes in your game's "scenes" directory, along with some hex-named scenes that weren't found on any map (if there are any).


1.1 (April 23, 2012)
  • Replaced division with multiplication to possibly increase accuracy.

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