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BSP30Editor BSP30Editor is a Command Line Tool created by Sergei Smolovskiy, which can list information from BSP File.

Tip.pngTip:It's can help you port GoldSrc GoldSrc maps to the Source Source Engine.[How?]


  • Display information as a whole.
  • Port map to smd model (with texture coordinates and texture names). This will create a separate smd for World Geometry, and a set of smds for entity brushes whose numbers match the model number in the entity file.
  • Save the list of entities to a text document.
  • Save all 4 mip levels of packed textures into one VTF file (without touching mip levels) as RGBA8888 (alpha channel is added for transparent textures).
  • Save lighting in 1088x1088 bmp pages for each lightmap texture of each map face (maximum texture size is 17x17, on a 64x64 lightmap texture page).
  • Save other information to text documents: texture rotation/displacement matrices on faces, BSP tree with vis-sheets, BSP tree for collision physics, etc.
  • The ability to group smd geometry by different data types, export PVS tables for vis sheets and a couple of fixes. When saving face information, added information about the size of the texture on the face and the size of the lightmap grid on the face.


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