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A material vector is a collection of values used with some material commands. They most often represent a RGB color.


$scale "[1 1]"
$color "[1 1 1]"
$color "{255 255 255}"
$envmaptint "{100 0 58}"
$vec4 "[1 2 3 4]"
  • Quotes are always required, because there are spaces in the value.
  • Values inside [square brackets] are used as-is, often for floats or normals. They are normals for colors.
  • Values inside {curly brackets} are divided by 255, so that standard RGB integer 0-255 values can be used.
  • Between two to four values can be used, depending on the requirements of the parameter. Listed below:


A vector with two values.


A vector with three values.


A vector with four values.


Access an individual component of a material vector like this:

// etc.