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Portal 2 engine branch

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The Portal 2 engine branch Portal 2 engine branch was introduced with Portal 2 Portal 2 in 2011. It succeeded the Alien Swarm engine branch Alien Swarm engine branch and was superseded by the CS:GO engine branch CS:GO engine branch.

Note.pngNote:Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive used to be on the branch that debuted with it, but as of Counter-Strike 2 Counter-Strike 2's official release, which upgraded the game to Source 2 with a different name, this makes Portal 2 as the latest Source 1 branch available that still receiving major updates, partly.
However CS:GO branch will be remain maintained with security and bug fixes for third-party games after support for CS:GO is discontinued in Jan 1, 2024.


New since the Alien Swarm engine branch Alien Swarm engine branch is:

Improved shadow mapping
The entity env_projectedtexture is significantly improved. Compared to previous implementations, it has higher default resolution, better edge filtering and support for the caching of shadows from static objects.
Video playback on materials
Added support to render Bink Video in-game on surfaces.
Blob particles
A particle renderer that renders blobs of liquid, used for paint gel in Portal 2.
World portals
World portals that can seamlessly link together seperate parts of the world. This feature is exclusive to this engine branch.
Sound operators
For defining complex audio behaviour.
Finished water debris flow
The base texture water flow feature from the Alien Swarm engine branch has been finished, with flowed normals now distorting color lookup and the flow map's alpha channel controlling color map opacity.
Official PlayStation 3 PS3 Support
Of little use to modders, needless to say! PS3 is now officially supported by Valve, thanks to this, most of the Source games runs on PS3 can be properly optimized and runs properly unlike the PS3 port of The Orange Box The Orange Box which was developed by EA, ended up suffered from occasional frame drops and other technical issues.


A third-party, heavily modified version of this engine used for Titanfall & other games by Respawn Entertainment, called the Tf-16px.png Titanfall engine branch, is also available, and it is used on the following games:

Source code for these branches is not available. However, authoring tools exist for custom content.