Lump file format

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Lump files are used to store lump data independently from a BSP file in separate files with the file extension .lmp.

Each lump file contains a 20 bytes long header before the actual lump data. It contains some information about the lump that were stored in the BSP file before extraction.

struct lumpfileheader_t
	int lumpOffset;   // offset in the file where the lump data begins (should be 0x14)
	int lumpID;       // the lump ID according to the lump table
	int lumpVersion;  // same as "version" in lump_t	
	int lumpLength;   // same as "filelen" in lump_t
	int mapRevision;  // same as in dheader_t
Tip.png Tip: It is possible to edit an extracted entity lump with a plain text editor, if the lumpSize field is corrected afterwards. lmpfix, a third-party tool, is available to automate the process.

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