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VertexLitGeneric is a material shader most commonly used to render models.

Supported Parameters

Color tinting.
Detail texturing.
Specular reflections.
Advanced flowing self-illumination, used on the Vortigaunts in Episode 2.
The flesh effect used for Alyx in Episode 2.
Half-lambertian shading.
Per-texel color modification via a warp texture.
Diffuse reflections.
Constant rimlight based on phong and the ambient lighting.
Expensive and cheap transparency.
Wrinklemaps for character faces.
Vertex manipulation to give the effect of trees swaying in the wind.

Misc Parameters

$desaturatewithbasealpha <float> (New with Alien Swarm)
Use the base alpha to desaturate the base texture. Set to non-zero to enable, value gets multiplied into the alpha channel before desaturating.
$flashlightnolambert <bool>
To do: Flashlight pass sets N.L=1.0
$seperatedetailuvs <bool>
To do: Use texcoord1 for detail texture


VertexLitGeneric natively supports the Spy cloak effect from Team Fortress 2. You will want to combine it with a sine wave proxy for the full effect.

$cloakpassenabled <bool>
Enables cloaking effects.
$cloakfactor <normal>
0 = fully visible, 1 = fully invisible.
$cloakcolortint <RGB matrix>
Colours the refraction effect. Default is white.
$refractamount <float>
How strong the refraction effect should be when the material is partially cloaked (default = 2).

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