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A Team Fortress 2 model being edited
Scene configuration

The Blender Source Tools allow Blender to import and export Studiomdl Data and DMX model files.


  • One-click export and import
  • SMD and DMX
  • FBX enjoys limited support in studiomdl shipped with CS:GO update
  • Support for most Blender features
  • Export multiple objects to one file
  • Compile QCs automatically
  • Import complicated models by QC


  1. Install Blender 2.80 or later. Or Install from Steam (AppID: 365670)
  2. Download the Source Tools. Don’t unzip.
  3. In Blender:
    1. Select Edit > Preferences
    2. Move to the Add-ons tab
    3. Click Install... at the top-right of the window
    4. Find the downloaded zip file and select it (Double click)
    5. 'Blender Source Tools' should be the only add-on shown if installed correctly. Check the box to the left and wait a moment for activation to complete.