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A command-line tool situated in "common\<gamename>\<gamefolder>\bin\height2normal.exe", used to convert a heightmap texture into a normal map texture.

Proper execution of this program included:

  • Creating a targa (.tga) image with _height appended before the extension.
  • Creating a text (.txt) file with _normal appended before the extension, containing the following:
"bumpscale" "1.0"

Keep in mind:

  • You could change the bumpscale if you didn't like the output you were getting.
  • The targa (.tga) image and text (.txt) file should have the same name without their appended text and extension.

Height2normal should be executed with the text file name.

ex: height2normal "C:\a\b\c\tgafile_normal.txt"

The output created by running height2normal will be a targa (.tga) image.

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