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  • Flammable Models (QC parameters) : see Prop Data#Flammable Props and physgun_interactions (onbreak: explode_fire: Prop ignites nearby enemies when it explodes on breaking).
  • Flammable Brushes: Only option is env_entity_igniter. Realism may vary.
  • env_entity_igniter Point entity that ignites a target entity. If the target is an animating model, it will have sprite flames attached to its skeleton. Otherwise the entity will emit particle flame puffs.
  • env_fire Point entity that handles a single flame at its origin. The flame causes heat 'damage' to other env_fire entities around it, and will eventually ignite non-flaming env_fire entities nearby, causing the fire to spread.
  • env_firesensor Point entity that detects changes in heat nearby. Parameters: fireradius, heatlevel, heattime. Outputs: OnHeatLevelStart, OnHeatLevelEnd.
  • env_firesource Point entity that provides heat to all nearby env_fire entities. Cannot be extinguished.
  • physics_cannister Point entity - a physically simulated gas cannister that can have its cap shot off, at which point gas will start escaping and cause the cannister to fly around. If it takes enough damage, it will explode.

Smoke & FX