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A zombie is a former human now infested with a parasitic headcrab, who controls the zombie's movements. One of the more common enemies in the Half-Life universe, normal zombies are slow and generally easy to dispatch, though other variants also exist which pose more of a problem in combat.


Most zombies rely primarily on melee attacks, but they can also fling physics objects at the player. Special zombie types may utilize other attacks.

Zombies can be bisected at the torso if hit by the gravity gun with sharp objects such as the saw blade. This can create a crawling zombie torso. Sometimes when a zombie is killed, the headcrab detaches from the face and will continue to attack the player.

Zombie Variants

  • npc_zombie - The standard zombie, slow-moving and reliant on melee attacks.
  • npc_zombie_torso - A zombie consisting only of the upper half of the body. Will crawl slowly towards the player.
  • npc_fastzombie - A much faster and more dangerous variant of the zombie.
  • npc_fastzombie_torso - The torso of a fast zombie. Will crawl towards the player
  • npc_poisonzombie - A hunched-over zombie carrying several poison headcrabs, which it will fling at the player.
  • npc_zombine - A Combine zombie. This zombie is harder to kill, due to its body armor, and may attack the player with grenades.


  • npc_zombie_prone - A seemingly dead zombie rises when approached by the player
  • npc_zombie_slump - The same as npc_zombie_prone, but with the zombie starting in a slumped position

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