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This category lists top-level parameters available in the "Generic" shaders.

  • Parameters for specialised shaders are documented in the shaders' articles themselves.
  • Parameters for configuring a single effect are (generally) grouped into a single article. Try searching for a parameter if you can't find it listed.

See Material Flags for $flags and $flags2 parameter enumerations.

See Material Map Compile Flags for the list of special %compile parameters which change the vbsp compile behavior of materials.

The list is far from complete. see the category talk page for a list of those still to be documented. Any insights will be warmly welcomed!


  • $basetexturetransform
  • $frame
  • $basetexture2
  • $basetexturetransform2
  • $frame2
  • $decalscale
  • $modelmaterial
  • $decalfadeduration
  • $decalfadetime
  • $decalsecondpass
  • $fogscale
  • $splatter
  • $detailtexturetransform
  • $detailscale
  • $detailblendfactor
  • $detailblendmode
  • $detailtint
  • $detailframe
  • $detail_alpha_mask_base_texture
  • $detail2
  • $detailscale2
  • $detailblendfactor2
  • $detailframe2
  • $detailtint2


  • $seamless_detail





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List Of Shader Parameters

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