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Used to set a keyword filter that can be filtered in hammer for easier texture finding.

VMT syntax example

	"$basetexture" "nature/cliffface002a"
	"$basetexture2" "nature/dirtfloor004a"
	"%tooltexture" "nature/blendcliffdirt001a_tooltexture"
        "$basetexturetransform" "center .5 .5 scale 1 1 rotate 0  translate 0 0"
        "$basetexturetransform2" "center .5 .5 scale 4 4 rotate 0 translate 0 0"
	"%keywords" "wasteland,c17"

Entering wasteland into the keywords field in the hammer texture browser would show only textures with the wasteland keyword. This is useful for categorising your textures for easier finding.

Note: To have more than one keyword, separate the keywords with a comma.