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$emissiveblend is a material effect. You need all of the parameters in order for the effect to work.

Note:The only example of this is in episodic/materials/models/vortigaunt/vortigaunt_blue.vmt found in the 'source2007 shared.gcf'.
       $emissiveBlendEnabled     <bool> // Enables effect
       $emissiveBlendTexture    <texture> // Texture the flowmap scrolls. Not mapped to a UV.
       $emissiveBlendBaseTexture <texture> // Texture used for the selfillumination. Can be colored or black and white. Does not adopt the base texture's color.
       $emissiveBlendFlowTexture <texture> //A flowmap texture. The same kind used for L4D2's flowing water.
       $emissiveBlendTint        <RGB> //RGB color. Default [1 1 1].
       $emissiveBlendStrength    <normal> // Strength of the effect. Default 1.
       $emissiveBlendScrollVector <float float> //Direction and speed the texture scrolls. X and Y respectively. A setting of 1 results in the texture tiling every 1 second. Default [1 1].
			"resultVar" "$time" //Requires the CurrentTime proxy for the flow to work.