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Work in progress

Tutorials created by --wisemx and is being ported to VDC from SDKNUts

Note.png Note: This is work in progress and might take some time, all inactive links are not ported yet
Progress is delayed (but not forgotten) due to heavy workload the next couple of weeks --Peter [AGHL] 00:30, 28 Feb 2008 (PST)
Tip.png Tip: All SDKNuts tutorials are mirrored at Type 3 Studios

Porting has now been picked up by Pinsplash (talk). See also: User:Pinsplash/Missing SDKNuts Content

  • vmf added as code on secondary page
  • Needs formatting and a brush up
  • Some part needs to be rewritten/clarified
  • Extend with in depth explanation for prop_entities used
  • Extend with in depth explanation for prop_entities used

Dead links on VDC

Dead links to sdknuts:

Old copies


Link Collection





Non Violent


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