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This tutorial was originally created by wisemx. It was originally posted on SDKnuts.net.

How the subdivide tool works is most obvious when it’s used. You must start with at least two displacement faces selected. How many faces are selected is only limited by your system as the subdivide operation can become very taxing. In this project I’ve started with the map we created in WiseDisplacement01.

The shape we will create to show off the subdivide tool is a round cylinder.

  1. Create a cube 64x64x64 and texture it on all faces. For this example I’m going to use the material shadertest\gooinglass.
  2. With the face edit displacement tool select every face on the cube, hold Ctrl as you left click on each face.
  3. Create a displacement to the power of 4.
  4. Click the Subdivide button.

There you have it, a perfect cylinder in just a few seconds. The subdivide tool can be used this same way to create rounded corners, pipes, etc. It is also used to round off areas of your displacement cliffs, tunnels, etc.

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