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This tutorial was originally created by wisemx.

Ported from SDKnuts.net to VDC by: Peter [AGHL] 20:35, 5 Feb 2008 PST

A model of a door

This is the fastest way to create a door in the Source engine and it’s much easier now than it ever was. The first thing to do is create a prop_door_rotating and we’re going to use a HL2 door model for it. The door we are using has 14 skins, which means that with this same tutorial you have 14 doors you can use. The door can also have a Lever or Pushbar style handle, which won't show in Hammer but will when you run the map.

  • World Model: models\props_c17\door01_left.mdl
  • Skin: 4
  • Hardware Type: Lever
  • Spawn Position: Closed
  • Rotation Degrees: 95
  • Speed: 80
  • Fully Open Sound: Doors.FullOpen4
  • Fully Closed Sound: Doors.FullClose4
  • Moving Sound: Doors.Move3
  • Delay Before Close: 30
  • Damage Inflicted when Blocked: 10
  • Health: 0
  • Locked Sound: DoorHandles.Locked1
  • Unlocked Sound: DoorHandles.Unlocked1
  • Force Closed: Yes
  • Flag: Uses closes

Experiment with these settings to fit your own needs, you may not for example want the door to close by itself.

There’s a few ways to place your door, I find it easiest to put the door in place and then build the wall around it but that method obviously doesn’t always fit the need.

In this example I’ve placed the prop_door_rotating and set the World model to the door model we are going to use, now I’ve placed it in the spot I want it and will create a few walls for this tutorial. You will probably want to create a door frame for most of your doors so allow enough space for the frame and the door when you do, for this example it’s just the door and the walls.

Once I create the walls around the door and apply the texture to my walls, which only took a few minutes, our door doesn’t look too bad. Granted it would be improved if I took the time to create a door frame before I build the walls. You’ll find the method that works best for your needs.

It helps to experiment with the placement of this hinge, a little forward or back can make a big difference.

Here are the 14 doors

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