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I'm 大康(Da Kang, or Dark Kong). I am a map author for Left 4 Dead 2 Left 4 Dead 2.
I usually translate the content (or templates) of some pages into Chinese. I also update the Chinese page (or template) to be the same as the latest original article.
You can find me in Steam Community.
I will also contribute to the Wiki community.

My bilibili website

My maps

The DISTINCTIVE Map (tdm for short) is my first map since August 2020, so the scene of the first generation tdm is not very good, so I have updated several versions one after another. The update doesn't change a lot, but it's better than before. The rescue level is special, requiring 40~60 minutes of hordes (only in versions after 2.5.2).
The map supports all modes (except some mutation modes) in version 2.5.6, including but not limited to co-op mode, versus mode, survival mode, scavenge mode, and realism mode.

tdm2 recreates tdm. This is the second generation. Unlike the previous generation, the difficulty of this generation has been greatly reduced and more elements have been added. The plot of the map is: the survivors came to the parking lot to find CEDA, and found that CEDA had been evacuated; they had to escape the parking lot, go through forests, sewers, forests, and come to the city; enter a hospital in the city and come to the roof to look for rescue.
The map is still in development (WIP, work in process), so the final version will be somewhat different. Currently (as of February 8, 2022) there are 3 more levels in development.



Version 2.5.6 Beta Channel
Version 2.5.5 Version 0.4
Version 2.5.4
Version 2.5.3
Version 2.5.2
Version 2.5.1
Version 2.1(This Version is a reset version of 2.0, under development)
Version 2.0
Version 1.5
Version 1.0

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求生之路2关卡设计的大部分页面: Most pages of L4D2 Level Design:
求生之路2关卡设计/VMF 实例 L4D2 Level Design/VMF Instances:zh-cn
求生之路2关卡设计/多游戏模式支持 L4D2 Level Design/Multi-Gamemode Support:zh-cn
求生之路2关卡设计/清道夫地图 L4D2 Level Design/Scavenge Maps:zh-cn
求生之路2关卡设计/游荡的 Witch L4D2 Level Design/Wandering Witch:zh-cn
求生之路2关卡设计/提示信息 L4D2 Level Design/Instructor Hints:zh-cn
求生之路2关卡设计/终极感染者的禁用 L4D2 Level Design/Boss Prohibition:zh-cn
求生之路2关卡设计/清道夫结局 L4D2 Level Design/Scavenge Finale:zh-cn
求生之路2关卡设计/长途救援结局(Gauntlet 终局) L4D2 Level Design/Gauntlet Finale:zh-cn
求生之路2关卡设计/自定义结局 L4D2 Level Design/Custom Finale:zh-cn

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