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English (en)Esperanto (eo)Français (fr)
Warning.pngWarning:Editors, please read this! If you have moved a {{lang}} page other than English, you must remove the old language category page (anything ends with Category:(Page Name):es or Category:(Page Name):(language code) for example).
Furthermore, if you also moving the English {{Lang}} page aswell, you must move the category back to the main ({{MultiPage}}) page to avoid showing the language subpage on category.

Replacement for {{Lang}}.

The template will look for translation subpages and load one of them according to the interface language. The template will load the English version and display a message if the translation subpage does not exist. The template will only display a message if there are not any translations and the English version does not exist.

Creating a new page

Just create an empty page, put a {{MultiPage}} on it, click on the translation button ( Icon-translate.png ) in the upper right corner and select the primary language. After making a choice, {{MultiPage}} will redirect you to edit the language subpage on which you will need to place your text and template {{Language subpage}}.

Usage on existing pages

Before using it on an existing page, you should make sure that you have done the following steps:

  1. Move the English content of the My Cute Article page to its language subpage My Cute Article/en
    Important template.gif Important: Do not move associated talk page
  2. Move the contents of the translated My Cute Article page to its language subpage My Cute Article/<language code> (for example, My Cute Article:zh-cn will become an My Cute Article/zh);
  3. Move the English categories to the base (main) page, aka the one with {{MultiPage}} (for example, to the My Cute Article page);
  4. Move the shared or international templates to the base page;
  5. Remove language suffixes (:pt-br, |suf=:de) from all language subpages. They are deprecated and no longer needed.
  6. Remove language categories (for example, [[Category:My Cute Category:ru]]) from all language subpages. They are deprecated and no longer needed.
  7. Place {{Language subpage}} at the top of the language subpages.
  8. If the article pertains to an entity, move the {{Entity}} template to the root page. The Entity template is automatically translated.

After the above steps, place {{MultiPage}} on the base page above the categories and enjoy what you see.

Note.pngNote: It is also recommended to clean and improve the code of the pages. For example, you could replace all {{note}} with {{Note}}, and add the tab spacing with some line breaks.
Important template.pngImportant:Do not categorize the language subpages, and if they have any categories, remove them.

Parameters and Examples

Parameter Description Example
No Parameters Places a template.
{{{title}}} Optional: This parameter can be used to change the text of the page titlebar (logically, into the text that should be displayed for the language of the page).
Warning.pngWarning:On some pages you may receive this error: Warning: Display title "env_cubemap" overrides earlier display title "<code>Env cubemap</code>". This can be due to the fact that the page uses a different template in which the page title is set.
{{MultiPage|title=Main Page}}
{{{margin-right}}} Optional: The right margin of the buttons that are to the right top.
{{MultiPage|title=Main Page|margin-right=26px}}


Note.pngNote: If you want to change the title, use the parameter {{{title}}} of {{Language subpage}} in language subpages so that the title will change automatically. Otherwise, you can
{{MultiPage|title = My sweet page}}
for non-translatable title.


Currently Supported Languages
Language Page name Icon
English Page_name/en English (en)
Catalan Page_name/ca Català (ca)
Czech Page_name/cs Čeština (cs)
German Page_name/de Deutsch (de)
Spanish Page_name/es Español (es)
Esperanto Page_name/eo Esperanto (eo)
Estonian Page_name/et Eesti (et)
French Page_name/fr Français (fr)
Hungarian Page_name/hu Magyar (hu)
Greek Page_name/el Ελληνικά (el)
Italian Page_name/it Italiano (it)
Dutch Page_name/nl Nederlands (nl)
Norwegian Page_name/no Norsk (no)
Polish Page_name/pl Polski (pl)
Portuguese Page_name/pt Português (pt)
Portuguese (Brazilian) Page_name/pt-br Português do Brasil (pt-br)
Russian Page_name/ru Русский (ru)
Ukrainian Page_name/uk Українська (uk)
Swedish Page_name/sv Svenska (sv)
Turkish Page_name/tr Türkçe (tr)
Japanese Page_name/ja 日本語 (ja)
Vietnamese Page_name/vi Tiếng Việt (vi)
Chinese (PRC) Page_name/zh 中文 (zh)
Chinese (Taiwan) Page_name/zh-tw 中文(台灣)‎ (zh-tw)
Korean Page_name/ko 한국어 (ko)
Georgian Page_name/ka ქართული (ka)
Hebrew Page_name/he עברית (he)