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Category of all linked game icon templates.

How to Create a Software Template

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Template:Software is the template that underlies the icon templates. It has 8 main parameters:

  • {{{1}}} – the way the icon will be displayed.
    • Do not enter this value if you need a regular icon.
    • Enter 1 to get the name of the game with a link to an article about the game.
    • Enter 2 to get the icon and the name of the game after it.
    • Enter 3 to get the same as in the case of the number 1, but with an additional design.
    • Enter 4 to get the same as in the case of the number 2, but with an additional design.
    • Enter "col" (without quotes) to get the color of the game. This is mainly needed for other templates.
    • Enter "in", "also", "only", "since", "removed" or "not" (without quotes) to get the icon displayed along with additional text, like "(also in <game icon>)".
Note.pngNote:however, the {{{1}}} parameter cannot be touched, it should always be "{{{1}}}" in the icon templates!
  • {{{ico}}} – the name of the icon is written here, but only the name itself, without "File:" and square brackets.
  • {{{link}}} – link to the article, external links do not work. If not used, the link will use the {{{name}}} parameter. Write without the "_".
  • {{{name}}} – display name. Write without the "_".
  • {{{name<number>}}} – this parameter displays an alternate name based on the {{{nt}}} parameter. You can also make a translated version using the {{{name<number>:<lang_code>}}} parameter
Note.pngNote:it is strongly recommended to write the abbreviation of the game in the parameter {{{name0}}}
  • {{{col}}} – the color of the game. If it is not specified, just do not enter this parameter, the standard color will be used: #ADD8E6.
  • {{{addtext}}} – additional text that will be written immediately after the icon. It is mainly needed to add other icons.
Note.pngNote:"addtext={{{addtext|}}}" in the icon templates!
  • {{{nt}}} – this parameter will be used in the {{{name<number>}}} parameter.


In the end, you should get something like this:

{{Documentation|Template:Hl2/doc}} <includeonly><onlyinclude>{{Software | {{{1}}} | ico = Portal2-16px.png | link = Portal 2 | name = {{autolang|Portal 2|ko=포탈 2|zh=传送门 2|zh-tw=傳送門 2}} | name0 = portal2 | col = #23B1E5 | addtext = {{{addtext|}}} | nt = {{{nt|}}} }}</onlyinclude></includeonly>

How To Use

This is how the use of the template in articles will look like:

Code Result
{{portal2}} Portal 2
{{portal2|1}} Portal 2
{{portal2|2}} Portal 2 Portal 2
{{portal2|3}} Portal 2
{{portal2|4}} Portal 2 Portal 2
{{portal2|ico}} Portal2-16px.png
{{portal2|col}} #23B1E5
{{portal2|name}} Portal 2
{{portal2|in}} (in Portal 2)
{{portal2|only}} (only in Portal 2)
{{portal2|since}} (in all games since Portal 2)
{{portal2|not}} (not in Portal 2)
{{portal2|also|addtext={{csgo}} {{l4d2}}}} (also in Portal 2 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Left 4 Dead 2)

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