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This template can change the content automatically according to the language of the UI. Should use with {{Uselangflags}}. The documentation of the template is written by using this template.
Also, if you encounter a bug that the text is missing, use "| 1 = Text" or try to remove atleast one pipe "|" as a workaround.



  • {{{1}}} - (Unnamed parameter) the default value to show (when this language has not translated). It should be in English.
  • {{{<lang code>}}} - The value should be the content of this language. See examples for details.


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The buttons on the right can help you change the language of the UI easily.
{{autolang|Document}} → Document
{{autolang|Document|zh=文档}} → Document
{{autolang|Document|ru=документ|zh=文档|de=Dokument|ja=文書|fr=Document|vi=Tài liệu}} → Document

{{autolang | Document | ru = документ | zh = 文档 | hr = Dokument | de = Dokument | ja = 文書 | fr = Document | vi = Tài liệu }}
→ Document (Same as above, but with usage of line breaks and spacing to making it look less messy)

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