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Please follow the format on this subpage(s) to add translations.

The template {{doc}} is designed to add a block of documentation to various pages (mainly template pages). The subpages of a certain language will be loaded into the documentation block depending on the language of the user interface. In the case of English, the documentation will be taken from the /doc subpage. But in all other cases, the documentation will be taken from the subpage /doc/<lang code>


The main tools are located on the top right, above the documentation block:

  • Create – opens the creation of the documentation page. Appears only if the documentation page does not exist.
Note.pngNote:If there are none of any documentations, the button will load a preload documentation, Template:Doc/preload or Template:Doc/preload/<lang code> (if the UI language isn't in English and the translations of the preload page exist), as the content of the new page and open the editing page. If there is a English documentation, the button will preload the English documentation as the content.
  • View – opens the documentation page.
  • Edit – opens the editing of the documentation page.
  • History – opens the history of changes to the documentation page.
Note.pngNote:If there are none of the above tools, then the text of the documentation was written using the {{{content}}} parameter, or parameter {{{tools}}} was set to 0.

Also, in the upper right corner there is a button marked with an ellipsis [ ]. It expands/collapses additional tools:

  • Sandbox – opens the creation of a subpage /sandbox and copies the code of the original page, or, if this page exists, simply opens it.
  • Testcases – opens the /testcases subpage. Useful for testing a template in different situations.
  • Subpages – opens Special:PrefixIndex and inserts the page name to search for all subpages.
  • Purge – opens a window with a message about purging the page.

Language bar

On the top right, under the tools, there are flags that switch documentation to another language. Switching is implemented by inserting &uselang=<lang code> into the page link, so if you click on another language, then along with the documentation, the interface language will change.

If there is no documentation in a certain language, the message “The <page> documentation page does not exist” will be displayed. if {{{pagespace}}} or actual page space is User, then the message “The <user> did not provide information about himself on this language (<page>).” will be displayed instead. Also, after this message, documentation in English will be displayed, if it exists.


  • {{{1}}}: parameter for switching the template assignment:
    • If you need a standard documentation block, do not enter anything in this parameter.
    • 0 – will display the message “This is a documentation subpage for <page>”.
    • 1 – will display the message “This is the sandbox subpage for <page>”.
    • 2 – will display the message “This page is not a sandbox”.
    • 3 – will display the message “This is the <page> info subpage”. Useful for user subpages.
    • 4 – will display the message “This is a documentation subpage for use on multiple pages”. If the {{{list}}} parameter is used, then the text will be: “This is a documentation subpage for use on multiple pages listed in <list page>”.
  • {{{list}}}: specifies a page or category that lists pages using a particular documentation page. Used only if parameter {{{1}}} is set to 4.
  • {{{docpage}}}: the page that will be used as documentation.
  • {{{content</lang code>}}}: content that will be used as documentation, instead of a separate page. When used, the main tools are hidden.
  • {{{pagespace}}}: the page space is determined automatically, but you can enter your own. The text in the header depends on this parameter:
    • Template → “Template Documentation”
    • File → “Summary”
    • User → “About”
    • In all other cases it will be “Documentation”
Note.pngNote:if {{{pagespace}}} or actual page space is “User”, then the text will be taken from the /about subpage, not /doc.
  • {{{tools}}}: controls which tool buttons should be displayed:
    • 0 – no buttons.
    • 1 – only buttons “Create”, “View”, “Edit” and “History”.
    • In all other cases there will be all buttons

Creating documentation

Warning.pngWarning:If you want to add the symbol “|” somewhere in the text (templates and other MediaWiki elements are not affected), use &#124;.

To start creating documentation, click on the “Create” button on the top right. The button loads the preloaded document (or as a preloaded document if there is an English document). Then the text of the documentation itself is written. First there is a brief description, and then – depending on what the documentation is written for. If you want to add categories, just add them where the preload documentation indicated.


There are some subpages and sub-templates on {{Doc}}. They are created to make the things easier.


This template is the replacement of <noinclude>{{doc|0}}</noinclude>. It can be instead of <noinclude>{{doc|0}}</noinclude>.

Its purpose is the same as {{Documentation subpage}}.

It can avoid the problem that preload page won't load <noinclude>{{doc|0}}</noinclude>.

{{Doc/Sandbox other}}

This template adds content separately to the main template and its subpages (documents). It is useful for adding categories.

Its purpose is the same as {{Sandbox other}}.


This is the preload page when you click the create button. You can add translations for it.


Deprecated. Use {{Capsule}} instead.

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