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This template (and its redirect) is Wikipedia icon Deprecated. Its use is not recommended and its functionality may be compromised.
Please use {{Autolang}} instead.
You can help our editors by replacing or deleting this template on the Pages that use this template. Once no more pages use this template, it should be Marked for deletion.
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Not to be confused with Template:Autolang.

This template is used to switch the content according to the {{{suf}}} parameter. It can be also instead of {{#switch:{{{suf|}}}|#default=...|:...=...|...}}. It should use in other templates so it can play its part.




All the parameters are optional.

  • {{{1}}}: The default value the template should show. It should be in English.
  • {{{
<lang suffix>}}}: The content of this language the template should show. See examples to understand better.
  • {{{suf}}}: The suffix of the language.
    Note.pngNote:If you use the template in other templates, please specify it into {{{suf|}}} and it will work. Example: {{suflang|suf={{{suf|}}}|...|:...=...|...}}


{{suflang|text}} → text

{{suflang|text|:zh-cn=文本|suf=:zh-cn}} → 文本

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