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This template is used to switch the uselang parameter (the language of the UI) quickly to support multiple languages on one page without {{doc}} template (its purpose is like {{lang}}). Should use with {{autolang}}.

Note.pngNote:Must be ISO 639 compliant!


  • {{{<lang code>}}} - Optional: Specify the lang code to 1 to show the flag of the language. Only work without {{{all-lang}}}. (e.g.|en=1)
  • {{{all-lang}}} - Optional: Show all the flags of the languages.
  • {{{no-right-align}}} - Optional: Make the template to be non-right-align style if it's non-zero.
  • {{{category-en}}} - Optional: Add the page into the Category:English.
  • {{{title}}}, {{{1}}} - Optional: The title of the page.
  • {{{multipageworkaround}}} - Optional: Puts the edit and actions buttons used on {{MultiPage}} next to the flags. This is used on pages that don't work with MultiPage because of too many templates (e.g. List of Team Fortress 2 console commands and variables).
    Icon-Important.pngImportant:Should not be used otherwise!


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