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bspguy bspguynewbspguy newbspguy

Released-64px.png Released!
TypeOpen source Third Party Tool
EngineGoldSrc GoldSrc
PlatformsWindows Windows,Linux Linux
Based onbspguy bspguy
bspguy bspguy

newbspguy newbspguy is a bspguy bspguy fork supported by UnrealKaraulov.


newbspguy is a tool that allows the viewing and editing GoldSrc GoldSrc and Quake Quake maps without decompiling.

Can export and import, WAD, LIT, and .ext+.wa_ files (for rerunning rad.exe), BSP models (prefabs), and more.

Possible to edit simple geometry and light maps, and allow for export/import .bsp files (Similar to prefabs in Hammer 3.x Hammer 3.x)

File Support

Also supports converting between these formats!

newbspguy Supports:

System requirements

Minimum Recommended
Operating system (OS) Windows Microsoft Windows or Ubuntu latest
Processor (CPU) 2.0 GHz dual-core processor
System memory (RAM) 2048MB
Hard disk drive (HDD/SSD) 5GB
Video card (GPU) 512MB VRAM with OpenGL 3.2 support.


  1. Download 🖿
  2. Extract
  3. Run bspguy with command line args "editor" (Or start empty window with GUI)
  4. Click File->Settings
  5. Enter the game directory in the General tab
    Tip.pngTip:For Half-Life, select the directory with the 🖿hl.exe file
  6. Enter the relative or full path to fgd files in FGDs tab
  7. Enter mod directories in the Asset Paths tab
  8. Click File->Open
  9. Select GoldSrc bsp map file


This fork has all the features of the original BSPGuy, but some many have been improved or changed.

Newbspguy Features

  • Texture Rotation
  • Face Editor Update (Better texture support, verts manual editor, delete from map/pvs, etc)
  • Export map to .obj including all textures, separates by groups, with true polygons and normals
  • Export wad, ent, bsp (Selected model with working collision, can be used in any entity instead of MDL models)
  • Import wad, ent, bsp
  • Render bsp and mdl models, also spr sprites
  • Full support for the "angle" and "angles" keyvalue
  • Renders ents and models using these key values
  • Full-featured LightMap Editor
  • Sorting by fgd flags
  • Added "undo/redo" for any manipulation (Move ents/origin, etc)
  • Added move model (As an option for transforming)
  • Added CRC-Spoofing (Now possible to replace the original map and play it on any servers)
  • Updated controls logic (Now can't use hotkeys and manipulation, if any input/window is active)
  • WAD Unpacker/Packer
  • Merge widget to merge Sven Co-op Sven Co-op (Svengine Svengine) maps
  • Full-featured PVS Editor
  • Import MDL to BSP (Without collision)
  • Export map to smd
  • Protect map against decompilation
  • Export .bsp in .map format using face-to-brush two strategies
  • Map rotation CCW/CW by 90
  • Map mirroring (flip x/y)
  • Support for J.A.C.K. J.A.C.K. fgd files


  • Assets browser (textures, etc)
  • Prefabs library
  • Decals drawing


Warning.pngWarning:The editor contains bugs and is unstable. Save early and often! Make backups before experimenting with anything.
  • Please report all and any bugs you may find to the GitHub repository. Always test on the latest debug builds.

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