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ZIP is an archive file format with optional lossless compression. It is used in Source Source for the pakfile lump in BSP files, as well as for bonus map BMZ files. It is also most likely used to store game data for the Xbox 360 Xbox 360 (or other consoles) version of Source Source games[1]. The ZIP file format supports several different compression format, although Source only supports uncompressed and, in some engine branches, Wikipedia icon LZMA.

Warning.pngWarning:Only certain engine branches and BSP versions support compressed pakfiles; Source 2013 Multiplayer and Jabroni Brawl: Episode 3 do, but Source 2013 Singleplayer and CS:GO engine branch do not!

Additionally, the ZIP file format is used for the PK3 and PK4 files used by Quake III id Tech 3 and id Tech 4 id Tech 4, respectively, which use the standard Wikipedia icon Deflate compression instead.


Blank image.pngTodo: See Source 2013 Multiplayer and Source 2013 Singleplayer versions of 🖿zip_uncompressed.h, containing the structs used by Source to load ZIP files

See also

  • PAK, uncompressed archive format used by id Tech 2 id Tech 2 and GoldSrc GoldSrc
  • VPK, uncompressed archive format used by Source Source and Source 2 Source 2
  • GCF, uncompressed archive format formerly used by Steam Steam, prior to the SteamPipe update.
  • BZ2, single-file compression format used by FastDL servers (only in Source)

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1. User:kr0tchet - Currently I only seen that from the Postal III Postal III leaked Xbox 360 Xbox 360 build (the zip file was named as 🖿, and can be only opened by using 7-Zip (WinRAR cause an error about unexpected end of archive), not sure if console's The Orange Box The Orange Box also store some it's game files to ZIP aswell.